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The Catholic funeral service expert in Erin, TN is Nave-Erin Funeral Home. A visitation is a vigil service typically held at the funeral home the evening before the funeral mass which takes place at a local Catholic Church. The Christian community gathers with the family of the deceased to keep watch and pray for mercy and strength while grieving their loved one.

During the visitation, scripture passages can be read and friends or family can give eulogies. The vigil service is a time to remember the life of the deceased person and commend his soul to God. Family and friends gather around to console and support one another during the service, and pray for God to provide comfort and healing during their time of grief. Prayer is a central part of the visitation. In Erin, TN the visitation at Nave-Erin Funeral Home plays an important role in the Catholic funeral process to allow loved ones to come together, share stories of the deceased person's life, pray for him to be united with God.